Thick Thighs & Good Vibes




Our Message

We are fundraising in support of CMHA, National, to help raise funds to support our mental health. We, Emily Fisher and Robyn Winship, have known and do know friends and family members who struggle with this sometimes, debilitating disease. We want to help increase awareness and hopefully raise money to help fund the continued research for new and better cures. Please help us on our journey as we hike over 50kms, to support this cause as so many people struggle in silence daily. We want them to know that they are not alone. Thank you in advance.

Why are we raising money for CMHA?

We are trying to raise money in support of all of those who struggle with mental health issues. We are personally affected by this, sometimes debilitating disease, and would love to raise money to help in finding better health solutions to help those who need this.  As mental health is a huge part of everyone’s lives, we want to raise money and hike for people who suffer with mental illness. We want them to know they are not alone in this journey.