Sunday Scree Club



Our Message

Rahman Ismail:

Hello! We’re the Sunday Scree Club – avid lovers of large amounts of small rocks

From July 8-9th we’ll be embarking on a 50km hike in Kananaskis area!!!

Our goal is to raise $1000 for CMHA in completing A Hike For Mental Health.

We are fundraising with Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) as they provide a range of programs & services to the community. These services are catered to raise awareness about mental health, connect newly diagnosed and recovering individuals with resources, as well as, support family members or friends of those affected.

It is an important association as individuals struggling with mental health issues may not know where to turn, and CMHA provides an outlet for them.

We personally have both heard and experienced the benefit that both exercise and being in nature has on a person’s mood and overall mental health, so what better way to raise awareness and money for a good cause than to combine these two things. We hope to help tackle the stigma surrounding mental health and raise funds for this great cause!


Becky Toffolo:

I am fundraising in support of CMHA, National to help to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness, and encourage individuals to talk about their mental health with whom they feel safe doing so. Alongside, I encourage all individuals to become more educated about mental health so we are more able to help those in need, including ourselves.
I believe this is an extremely valuable association. With the increase in prevalence of depression and anxiety, along with increased suicide rates over the past few years an association like this is crucial, providing somewhere that individuals can turn to. I think many of us have been affected by mental illnesses, whether directly or indirectly, and I believe that mental health education and awareness is key in the whole process.