For Uncle Ken

Hello my name is Jessie Mahoney,
I have seen first hand how the affects of untreated mental health issues have a affect on your friends and family. I’ve lost a few people near and dear to me because of the stigma around mental health issues and the lack of availability of treatment. Mental health disorders affect a lot of us, sadly a lot of the people who are suffering the most are the ones we have no idea because there is no clear signs and symptoms. A lot of people are afraid to seek help because of the stigma behind it and fear of becoming a burden to those they love. Help support mental health and possibly help get access to people who you Love and care for. It affects us all from time to time and we all need to remember to take care of our minds as well as our bodies.

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I am fundraising in support of CMHA, National

Mental health issues affect all of us, a lot of people who are suffering don’t have access or are afraid of the stigma behind mental health disorders.

I believe we need more available for treatment programs and help to reduce the stigma behind mental health disorders to help those suffering in silence.

I’ve lost a few people near and dear to me because of mental health disorders. I have personally suffered from depression and anxiety growing up.

I know how it’s feels to be in the darkest part of our lives and feeling alone and a burden on your family and friends.

Let’s help gain awareness and bring a rainbow to someone’s storm….

Remember even on the darkest nights the stars are shining bright.

Let’s be a star and help those people whom may be afraid to get help or not able to get access to the help they need.

We need to stand together and create a society where there is love and support where people feel safe to know that they can turn to you for help and there is help out there…

Put your hand on your chest, feel your heart beat? That’s a reason for you to care about this.