I am Happy Alfano, better known as fonzdot.  I have mental health issues and so does many of my  friends.   I started this fundraiser for the CMHA to reduce the stigma we have faced.

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My Message

I started A Hike For Mental Health to get people talking about exercise and how the great outdoors helps with overall mental health.  Pushing yourself is the best way to grow.  Breaking down big tasks will allow you to tackle the pieces.  Overcoming obstacles step by step shows me anything is possible.

Too many individuals suffering from metal health feel alone.  Too often are they blamed for their symptoms.  I want to tell everyone that you are not alone.  There is always someone out there who is feeling the same, or has felt the same.  We need to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.  It needs to be something we can talk about.

Why I’m raising money for CMHA?
Mental health is a part of my everyday life. It is that way for most of my friends and family.  Once I started hiking with more people, I noticed that many of them face the same obstacles that I have. Mental health needs to be talked about and managed better.  That is why I started A Hike For Mental Health.