It is that time of year again to get active and grow a mustache for men’s health!  We have started a team for MOVEmber!!!  You don’t have to grow a face caterpillar to take part.   We are going to be focusing on the MOVEment part!   Do an activity everyday for the month of Movember and raise money and awareness of men’s health, physical and mental.  Let’s stomp the stigma!

CLICK HERE to join the MOVEment!



News on our 2017 event:

We exceeded our goal of $10,000!!!!!

Theresa, our contact with the CMHA, is grouping up all the donations now.  Looks like at least $10,540 was raised!  The money is being distributed this month!

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest, shared, or is taking part, from the CMHA, AHikeForMentalHealth.com, Happy Alfano, all our volunteers, and everyone our there who feels the pain from the stigma surrounding mental health.

The hike was an amazing success!  We have a ton of work to get ready for next year!  We are planning more than one and the idea is that one will be a day hike that EVERYONE can take part in!!

We can make a difference!


We held a MOUNTAIN MEETUP FOR MENTAL HEALTH on the solstice!  Good times out in the mountains!


Use the Menu to select from the hiking teams to follow in their fundraising efforts!

We are happy to be holding this amazing event this summer in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association.


The Premise of the 2017 Fundraiser

Teams of 1 or 2 will be completing a loop in Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park.  It will be approximately 50km, not counting any side hikes.  Teams are looking for sponsors to pledge them for 1 or more days for $100.  Sponsors are listed under each team via their own donate link which is found on each team’s page on this site.


Please use our hashtag to get the word out.  We want #AHikeForMentalHealth to be known.

Many teams were creative and held a private events tohelp raise funds!  Being creative and getting known will only get more people talking!  We look forward to the coming months.

We reached our goal if aquiring 8 radios to supply the volunteers and nurses with radios!!!!!  Way to go team!

Check back soon for updates!

This site will be constantly getting new information!

Happy Alfano

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